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Acrylic Painting Idea | Techniques Behind Acrylic Painting

Maurice Utrillo. Paintings for Sell Monmartre

Acrylic Paint is the Fast Drying water-based paint. Although acrylic paints are water-based, it becomes water-resistant when dry. It consists of pigments that are distributed in an acrylic polymer suspension. Acrylic paint includes three main elements: pigment, acrylic binder, and water.

How is Acrylic Paint composed?

Acrylic Pigment: It gives the paint color & consists of small granules. The pigment can be synthetic, organic, or inorganic.

Acrylic binder: Acrylic binder is the type of material: it helps to stick acrylic paint to the surface. Acrylic binder forms a coat on the surface. Some examples of acrylic binders can be Linseed oil, Safflower Oil, Gum Arabic, wax, Dextrin, Alkyd Resin, Kaolin, Shellac, etc.

Water: Acrylic paints are water-based, water in terms of acrylic paint acts as the vehicle by which all other painting ingredients are transported. After the paint is applied to the surface the water is evaporated or absorbed then the acrylic binder forms a coat on the surface.

What are the specialties of Acrylic Paints?

Acrylic paints are non-toxic & versatile that can be used on different surfaces, such as canvas, wood, metal, plastic, fabric, glass, bricks, etc. Acrylic paints dry faster as compared to other painting materials such as watercolor, so the artist has to plan previously about art. On the other hand, acrylic paint is difficult to remove from the surface after drying. Artists choose Acrylic paints for their dominant brightness & sharp brush strokes.

History of Acrylic Paintings:

German chemist Otto Röhm brought the practical potential of these materials to light. In the year 1901, Röhm published his article on the polymerization products of acrylic acid. The concept of Acrylic paint was developed in the mid-19th century. The first usable acrylic resin painting was developed by the German chemical company BASF in 1934.

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