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Airbrush Painting Concept | Original Airbrush Artwork

Voldemar Peil - In a Court Yard of Farm

Airbrushing Technique uses forced air to spray paint or another liquid medium onto a paintable surface. For creating airbrushing artwork- airbrush artists manipulate the tool in different ways to create different artistic effects. Holding the tools at different angles, and distances makes the different paint effects. Airbrush painting is versatile, which allows artists to create the illusion of shadows, transparency, and subtle shading effects, such as canvas, wood, paper, fabric, leather, ceramic, plastic, metal, etc.

At beginning of the Airbrush Painting?

Artists use airbrushing to create a high volume of realism. The first version of the air-brush gun was invented in 1880 in, the USA. Airbrush painting is the modern painting technology developed in the late 19th century. Except for painting on canvas, the air-brush technique is used to paint in cars, motorbikes, helmets, mobiles, textiles, etc.

How does the airbrush painting formulate?

Like other paintings- The airbrush painting uses elements of Pigments, Binder. Pigments are small elements that give the paint its color. Binder is the ingredient to paint that binds elements together & gives the paint consistency. Water-based airbrush paint contains a water-based acrylic polymer. Different types of color that airbrush artists use such as acrylic color, watercolor, oil color, candy color, etc. Acrylic color is specially made for airbrushing, containing the high-density property. Whereas watercolor is water-based transparent color, it has low density. Water-based paint contains an ingredient known as a compound agent that allows the artist to dilute the paint.

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