Boris Ninemae (1925- 1991)

Ninemae, Boris (1925- 1991). New Catch. (1950 - 1960s)

Boris Ninemäe, a luminary in the Estonian art scene, experienced an artistic journey that was tumultuous and distinct. His initial phase of education in his homeland was cut short due to the devastations of war and the demands of emigration. Yet, adversity didn’t deter his spirit. In exile, Boris embarked on a journey of self-improvement, seeking knowledge on study trips across diverse landscapes – Finland, Denmark, Norway, Austria, Germany, Italy, France, and the vast expanses of the USA.

With a keen eye and a passionate heart, Ninemäe immortalized the nuances of Estonian life on canvas. He found inspiration in the simple yet profound moments of everyday people – their labor, activities, and the rare pauses of relaxation. One of his standout series is an evocative collection of oil paintings, casting light on the life of coastal fishermen.

Boris Ninemäe’s brilliance was acknowledged far and wide. Numerous cities in Sweden and Norway, including Malmo, Vähjo, Karlshamn, Larvik, Elverum, and Stockholm, celebrated his genius with solo exhibitions. Across the Atlantic, the USA too exhibited his masterpieces. Museums globally house his works, and many private collectors and international galleries, including the prestigious Rios Art Gallery, boast of having a Ninemäe in their collection.

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