Karl the Younger Burman (1914-2001)

Burman, Karl the Younger (1914-2001). Saunas. (1941)

Karl Karlovich Burman Jr. is an Estonian artist and son of the famous architect Karl Burman the Elder, one of the most respected architects in Estonia. Karl Karlovich’s uncle, Paul Burman, is a well-known impressionist landscape painter. Born in 1914 in the Russian Empire.

He was educated at the Tallinn Polytechnic Institute, as well as from his father and uncle – it was from them that he received his first lessons in watercolor. He continued his studies at the Moscow Art Institute.

He has worked most of his life as a freelance artist who loves the cityscape because of his love of architecture. By the 40s of the last century, Karl Karlovich became one of the most famous watercolorists in Estonia.

Since 1943 he taught watercolor art at the art school of Yaroslavl. He taught many later watercolorists of the Soviet Union, such as Alexander Piar and Yenno Lechis.

Became a member of the Estonian Artists’ Union in 1943 and was one of its founders. In the period from 1945 to 1946 he worked as a teacher at the Tallinn Polytechnic Institute.