Karl the Younger Burman (1914-2001)

Burman, Karl the Younger (1914-2001). Saunas. (1941)

Karl Karlovich Burman Jr., an Estonian luminary born in 1914 in the vast expanse of the Russian Empire, stood tall not just as the son of Karl Burman the Elder, the architectural genius, but as a celebrated artist in his own right.

Imbibing the essence of art and architecture from his early years, Karl Jr. was fortunate to be nurtured under the watchful eyes of his father and his uncle, the renowned impressionist landscape painter, Paul Burman. His educational journey led him to the hallways of Tallinn Polytechnic Institute, subsequently extending his academic pursuits at the Moscow Art Institute.

Karl’s penchant for cityscapes echoed his deep-rooted love for architecture. Through the transformative 40s, his name became synonymous with watercolor artistry in Estonia. The allure of his brush strokes didn’t just end on canvas; he sculpted the artistic minds of many aspirants. From 1943, he enlightened young talents at the Yaroslavl art school, nurturing future maestros like Alexander Piar and Yenno Lechis.

Not just an artist, but a pillar of the Estonian art community, Karl Jr. co-founded the Estonian Artists’ Union in 1943 and furthered his legacy as an educator at the Tallinn Polytechnic Institute during 1945-1946.

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