Christmas Show | Exhibition On Riosart Gallery

Strahhov, Anatoli (born 1946). Magic of Island II. (2008)

Name: “Christmas Show”

Date: (01.12.2007 – 22.12.2007)

Venue: Tallinn, Kaarli pst 8 RIOS ART Gallery.

Famous names of Russian painting delivered home.

Discover Russian Contemporary Art in Tallinn | Persona Pleiades Exhibition at RIOS Gallery.

In the RIOS gallery in Tallinn, you can see works by top contemporary Russian painters as part of the “Persona Pleiades” project. The exhibition features pieces by renowned European artists such as Nikas Safronov, Lyudmila Zotova, Konstantin Zubrilin, Grigori Pototski, and Anatoli Slepyshev.

According to Pavel Makarov, one of the initiators of the exhibition, author of interview books “Persona” and “Credo,” publicist, and cultural manager, this is a unique and unprecedented opportunity to meet face-to-face with the works of Russian contemporary art luminaries. He explained that the exhibition also serves as a sales event, and the proceeds will go to charity.

The highlight of the exhibition is expected to be the paintings of Lyudmila Zotova, who held high-ranking official positions until 1991 without a formal art education. Notably, she paints with her fingers! Continuing a century-old painting tradition, Zotova aims to convey a healing effect to the viewer. Her first exhibition in 1991 was titled “Color Poetry,” and her naive paintings exude a direct emotional connection.

Another central figure in the exhibition is Nikas Safronov, whose several paintings are “transparent.” When a light source is placed behind them, a world behind the canvas is revealed.

Grigori Pototski’s work is as challenging and peculiar as Safronov’s. For example, the optical illusion in the painting “Elusive” (“Neulovimaja”) prevents the viewer from grasping the entire picture – it simply makes the head spin. The focus can only be on one aspect or detail.

The exhibition of Russian painters will be open at RIOS until December 22. However, as the organizers confirm, the artworks are likely to travel to other galleries in Estonia afterward.