Eduard Kutsar (1902 – 1970)

Kutsar, Eduard (1902 – 1970). Tartu. (3 V 1959)

Eduard Kutsar was born in 1902. Like many Estonian artists, he studied painting at the Pallas Art School, where his teachers were Konrad Mägi, Triik, Ado Vabbe, Hando Mugasto.
One of the few Expressionist artists who did not focus on one art form. Among his works were landscapes, situational paintings, still lifes, portraits, drawings and even sculptures.
His first solo exhibition was held in 1933 at the Pärnus Beach Salon. Later his works were presented in Tartu, Tallinn and Narva-Jõesuu.
Due to a fire in his studio in 1944, many of his works have not survived. Being an impulsive person, this influenced Eduard Kutsar. He stopped opening exhibitions and could not provide for himself. The loss of the best works drove the artist into depression.
In 1956, another tragedy happens – Eduard Kutsar had an accident and lost his right arm. However, this did not stop him from working. The first post-war exhibition of Eduard Kutsar was held in 1964. In the same year, he held another presentation at the Elvin Folklore Museum.
In memory of the artist, on his 70th birthday, a relief portrait was opened in front of his house, which was made by the famous sculptor Alexander Eller.
Online sale of paintings by Eduard Kutsar is open at the Rios Art Gallery.