Eduard Maaser (1916 – 1990)

Maaser, Eduard (1916 – 1990). Corner in the Botanical Garden 1947

Eduard Masser was born in Barnaul, but soon moved with his family to Tartu. In the late 1920s he studied at the natural science gymnasium Hugo Treffner. After graduating, he entered the Faculty of Law at the University of Tartu, but interrupted his studies to enter the Pallas Art School.
After he graduated from the State Art Institute of Tartu with a degree in drawing on the board. Supervised the distance learning of fine arts at the National Art Museum of Tartu.
His main work is still lifes, landscapes, city views, which he painted in oils and watercolors. Eduard Masser often published cartoons in the newspapers Tallinn Post, Uus Eesti and Rahva Hääl. Illustrated the book “Flora of the Estonian USSR”. He was known as an artist of bookplates and transcripts for performances.
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