Elmar Kits (1913 – 1972)

Aunapuu, Hermann (1915 - 1998). Otepää. (1957)

Elmar Kits was born on April 17, 1913 in Tartu. He received his primary education at a rural school, and later his parents sent him to the Hugo Treffner Gymnasium.
Having been educated at the gymnasium, Elmar enters the Pallas Higher Art School, where he studies under the guidance of the famous Estonian graphic artist Ado Vabbe. After graduation, he gets a job at the State Higher Art School of K. Myagi.
The main fame for Elmar Kits came after the end of the war. He owns the composition “The execution of workers in Tallinn in 1905”. He painted the largest group portrait in Estonian history.
Looking for new forms, in 1961-1962 he created a number of unusual paintings, such as the triptych “Music-Ballet-Fine Art”, realistic canvases “Old Men”, abstract works “Trio” and “Youth”.
For his services he received the title of People’s Artist of the Estonian SSR. His works are presented in the Art Museum of Tallinn. Elmar Kitsu was such a prolific artist that his paintings were enough for 2 posthumous exhibitions in Moscow and Tallinn.
The sale of art by Estonian artists is presented at the Rios Gallery.