Enno Lehis (1912- 2011)

Lehis, Enno ((1912 - 2011). Flowers. (1990s)

Enno Lehis was born in the village of Loksa, Harju County, into a large family. At the age of 17 he received a place in the orchestra of the Ministry of Defense. He learned to play the trumpet at the Tallinn Conservatory. In 1940, the orchestra went to Riga, and from there to the front. Lehis was a staff cartoonist and drew for a working wall newspaper.
In 1942, the orchestra, together with Yenno Lehis, was invited to the Yaroslavl Estonian Art Ensemble, where he also continued to work as an artist, gradually developing his watercolor skills. At the end of the war he worked for the Estonian Radio.
After returning from the front, Lehis began to study painting with Grinberg and Mikko. He presented his first exhibition in 1958. At the same time, he published cartoons in the Pikker magazine. Participated in exhibitions in Tallinn, Moscow and Riki.
Lehis is known as a proponent of traditional painting and natural motifs. He mainly painted floral compositions with characteristic smooth transitions. Pastel colors and contrast are the main quality of his work.
You can buy paintings by the Estonian artist at the Rios Art Gallery.