Ermenegildo Antonio Donadini (1847-1936)

Donadini, Ermenegildo Antonio (1847 – 1936). Bells. (1930s)

Donadini was born in 1847 in the city of Spalato in the Austrian Empire. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna on a scholarship. He graduated from E. Engert and K. Ruben, received a diploma in historical painting.
After graduation, he moved to study painting in Venice, where he met Hans Makart and Dossov, with whom he moved to Munich. There he became a student of Carl Theodor Piloty, a well-known artist and historian.
In 1877 he became a professor at the Vienna School of Applied Arts. Dissatisfied with his work, he moved to the position of professor of figurative painting, and also headed the theater decor studio in Dresden.
Donadini created monumental wall and ceiling paintings on mythological and historical themes. Most were destroyed during World War II. also restored numerous frescoes by Preller and Sylvester.
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