Evald Okas (1915-2011)

Okas, Evald (1915 - 2011) On a Horse. (1958)

Evald Okas (1915 – 2011) – Estonian artist, professor, corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Arts.
Born in Tallinn. He studied from 1931 to 1937 at the State Art and Industrial School, graduating with a degree in decorative painting. Then from 1938 to 1941 he studied painting at the State Higher Art School. In 1941-1942 he joined a team of Estonian artists who were evacuated to Yaroslavl. Evald Okas was one of the founders (in 1943) of the Union of Artists of the Estonian SSR. From 1939 to 1940 he worked as a teacher at the Estonian School of Art and Industry, and since 1944 as a senior teacher. Since 1954 he has been a professor. Since 1993, the position of emeritus professor.

He had many honorary titles, was a member of the Union of Artists of the Estonian SSR, People’s Artist of the USSR, an honorary member of the Art. Academies of the USSR and the Art Academy in Firenze.
In the early period of creativity, he showed himself as an excellent portrait painter, draftsman of nudes. After the war, he continued to engage in historical and military topics as well. created large-scale compositions – in 1947, together with Elmar .Kits and Richard Sagritz, he painted the ceiling of the theater hall “Estonia”. In the 50s he took up graphics, worked in different techniques. In the mid-60s, he embodied his impressions from trips to Japan, Canada, Greece, and Italy in expressive paintings and graphic series. In the technique of the author’s lithography in 1961 brilliantly illustrates “Kaleviopeg”. He creates many bookplates. In 1965 he wrote the book Pictures of Japan. Together with Kanguilaski in 1965, he wrote a textbook on the technique of intaglio printing. In the 40s and until the end of the 70s, Okas became the owner of various state awards. There were more than 50 solo exhibitions for Okas alone, as well as joint exhibitions: with Sagrits and Uutmaa, Einmann and Reindorf, Kormashov and Subbi, Keerendi and Thorn.

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