Герман Каульбах (1846–1909)

Hermann von Kaulbach is a German painter born on July 26, 1846. Son of the famous painter Wilhelm von Kaulbach.
He received his artistic education under the guidance of the academic painter Carl Theodor von Piloty. At the same time, his father was against his son becoming an artist. Initially, G. Kaulbach entered the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich at the Faculty of Medicine.
Like many contemporaries, Herman Kaulbach focused on the technical component of the paintings, working through the smallest details.

And it was for this reason that he was often criticized: the artist constantly missed the main subject of the picture. For example, his portrait of Lucrezia Borgia, the illegitimate daughter of Pope Alexander VI, caused controversy due to excessive vulgarity.In addition to painting, Herman Kaulbach was engaged in illustrations for books, children’s portraits, paintings on a historical theme. We have opened an online sale of paintings by a German artist in the Rios Art Gallery in Tallinn.