Herzog Hermann Ottoman (1832-1932)

Herzog, Hermann Ottomann (1832 – 1932). On the Promenade of Lake Garda. (1894)

Hermann Herzog was born in Bremen in 1832. At the age of 17, he entered the Düsseldorf Academy of Arts and quickly became a commercial success. Thanks to good earnings, I was able to travel a lot and study further.
In the 1960s, after a long journey through Norway, he settled in the United States near Philadelphia. He traveled a lot in North and South America, devoted many works to this experience.
In 1876 he received an award at the Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition. Worked in Maine and Florida.
Throughout his life, he painted about 1000 paintings, signing them as H. Herzog. He died in Philadelphia in 1932.
During his lifetime, he successfully sold his works, but many remained in his personal collection. Many of them are kept in American and European museums.
The sale of paintings online is presented in the Rios Art Gallery.