Johann Stenglin (1710/15 – 1777)

Stenglin, Johann (1710/15-1776) Germany, Russia Fedor Ioanovich

Johann Stenglin was born in the family of a wealthy burgher, thanks to which he studied under the guidance of Johann Georg Friedrich Bodener, a famous artist from the mezzotintist dynasty. At the invitation of Shtelin, Johann Stenglin arrived in St. Petersburg and began working at the art department of the Academy of Sciences. His first works were extremely rough, and due to a conflict with director Schumacher, Johann was forced to leave the Academy of Sciences.
In 1750 Stenglin moved to Moscow, where he made a living with rare miniature portraits. Here he was rescued by an old friend, Academician Shtelin, who settled him in the Bestuzhev house and allowed him to return to work. He also invited Stenglin to return to the Academy. This time he began to teach engraving to Vasily Sokolov and Yelisey Fedorov.
During his life, Stenglin painted many paintings, including portraits of Russian sovereigns, the mathematician Euler, Schumacher and others. Many of his engravings are still kept in collections, museums and offices. You can purchase his work at the online painting sale at the Rios Art Gallery.