Juhan Kangilaski (1904 -1981)

Kangilaski, Juhan (1904 -1981). Lahemaa Park II (1979)

Juhan Kangilaski was born on May 19, 1904 in the city of Valma. His parents were farmers, so they were able to provide him with training at the Tallinn Art School, where Juhan studied graphics.
Since 1923 the artist studied painting in Pallas. Two years later, his first job was cartoons in the Sparks newspaper. At the same time, he sells his sketches to the major newspaper Sakalas.
In the period of 30-50s, Johan worked as a decorator at the Viljandi Drama Theater, and after that he became its director. At the same time, he continued to draw cartoons for major Estonian newspapers.
Johan regularly participated in exhibitions, such as “Landscape painting in oils and watercolors.” After the Second World War he moved to Tallinn, where he worked as an illustrator for posters.
In 1970 he worked at the Tallinn Environmental Protection Agency. At the same time, he began to build a career at the Estonian State Puppet Theatre, where he staged 7 plays.
The art sale of Juhan Kangilaska is presented at the Rios Art Gallery.