Karl sen. Burman (1882 – 1965)

Burman, Karl sen. (1882 – 1965). Three Cows. Etude. (1940 - 50s.)

Karl Burman Sr. was born in 1882 in Sumy, Kharkov province. He received his artistic education at the Stroganov School in Moscow, as well as at the Drawing School of Baron Stieglitz. He graduated from the Imperial Academy of Arts, where he studied with Vasily Mate and Valentin Serov, and later went to Wikler’s lessons in Estonia.

Beginning in 1910, he became interested in architecture and house design. In particular, it was his hand that belongs to the passage on Väike-Karja Street in the capital of Estonia.
One of Karl Burman’s favorite activities was traveling around Europe and getting new experiences. He held art exhibitions throughout the Baltics, including Tallinn, Riga and Tartu.

Known for several watercolor works, such as “View of Tallinn”, “Hiuma Island” and “Nikerjärv in Ajgviidu”.
All his life Karl Burman lived in the Maiden’s Tower in the south-west of Tallinn. His son, Karl Karlovich Burman, also became a well-known Estonian watercolorist who worked in the same direction as his father. Karl Burman’s brother, Paul Burman, is also known as a watercolorist.
Karl Burman died in 1965. He was buried at the Forest Cemetery. And at Riosart there is an online sale of paintings by an Estonian artist.