Kulles, Toivo (1918-1984) Spring in Vääna - Jõesuu. (1961).

Toivo Kulles (1918-1984)

Toivo Kulles was the sixth child in his family. He was born in the small village of Sompa and from an early age worked as a shepherd, which instilled a love for nature and space. After graduating from the Jõhvi school, he entered the Tallinn State Ar...

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Minin, Sergei (born 1954) Finland. Imatra. (2020)

Sergei Minin (born 1954)

Sergey Minin was born in the small village of Orichi. His mother worked as a judge for many years and, according to the artist, was an amazing woman, she always dressed brightly and knew how to speak correctly. Since school, Sergei began to draw wall...

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Sagrits, Richard (1910-1968). Landscape. (1960s)

Richard Sagrits (1910-1968)

Richard Sagrits was born in 1910. He dropped out of high school and entered the State School of Industrial Art, where one of its leaders was Günter Reindorf. He began his artistic path at the Pallas School in 1930, where N. Trijka and A. Vabbe were h...

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Dufy, Raoul (1877 – 1953). Fragment of the Sity with a Mill

Raoul Dufy (1877 – 1953)

Byuchtger Robert Germanovich was born in St. Petersburg in a family of Courland Germans. He spent his childhood in Riga, where he studied at the Polytechnic Gymnasium. In 1879 he entered the Imperial Academy of Arts, and then continued his studies at...

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Aren, Peet (1889–1970). The sketch of a cover P.Loti's(1929)

Peet Aren (1889 – 1970)

Pete Aren was born in Odista in 1889. At the age of 9 he studied at the state art school in St. Petersburg, where painting went. Already in 1920 he became a teacher at the State School of Artistic and Industrial Estonia. Having a great talent in grap...

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Paede, Paul (1868 – 1929). Three Naked. (early 20th century)

Paul Paede (1868 – 1929)

Paul Pide was born in December 1986 in the German capital. Immediately after graduating from high school, he became a lithographer and studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, where he was taught by the famous painter Ludwig Leffz. The final wo...

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