Lääne Oswald (1913-1990). Still Life. (1960)

Oswald Lääne (1913-1990)

Oswald Lääne is one of the most underrated Estonian artists. Like many Tallinn painters, he graduated from the famous Pallas school. Born in the small village of Päde, in 1914 he moved with his parents to the Piibe manor, and then to the Vaimastvere ...

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Kamm, Paul (1917 – 1979).Beacon. (1967)

Paul Kamm (1917 – 1979)

Paul Kamm was born in 1917 in the small town of Kertel (today Kärdla), which is located on the island of Dago. Having received a minimum school education, he immediately moved into the workers. He worked in several textile factories in Estonia until ...

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Soans, Olev (1925 – 1995). Map of a History of the Literature of Estonia. (1975

Soans, Olev (1925 – 1995)

Olev Soans is a famous Estonian graphic artist. He completed his studies in 1941 at the Pärnu Trade Lyceum and after 2 years was mobilized into the German army. After the Second World War, he worked as an art teacher in Järvakandi. In 1951 he graduat...

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Mei, Natalie (1900–1975). Sketch for a Costume. 1933

Natalie Mei (1900–1975)

Natalia May was born in 1900 in the family of a military ship captain. She has two older sisters, Lydia and Christina, who are also recognized as painters and sculptors. In 1915, Natalia graduated from the Tallinn Women's Gymnasium, after which she e...

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Lepik, Hugo (1905 - 2001). Camomiles. (1950s)

Hugo Lepik (1905 – 2001)

Born on November 9, 1905 in Jõhvi, he received general education there in 1914-1916, then Erra-Liiva elementary school, Jõhvi gymnasium (1920-1923). The painter and graphic artist Hugo Lepic successfully graduated from the State College of Arts and C...

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