Soans, Olev (1925 – 1995)

Soans, Olev (1925 – 1995). Map of a History of the Literature of Estonia. (1975

Olev Soans is a famous Estonian graphic artist. He completed his studies in 1941 at the Pärnu Trade Lyceum and after 2 years was mobilized into the German army. After the Second World War, he worked as an art teacher in Järvakandi. In 1951 he graduated from the Estonian National Art Institute, where he became a teacher after graduation.
Olev Soans is one of the most versatile Estonian artists. He has worked with free charts, book illustrations, posters, infographics. Among other things, he used etching, drypoint, lithography, painted linocuts, woodcuts, silkscreens and even electrographic screen printing. A memorial fund was opened in honor of Olev Soans

The sale of Estonian art by Oleva Soans is presented in Rios Art Gallery.