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Rugendas, Johann Lorenz II

Art is the expression of human creativity, skills, or imagination. Different forms of art can be paintings, drawings, sculptures, etc.

Painting is the oldest form of art, the history of painting is about 10 thousand years. Painting is the expression of the artistic mind to a solid surface. It is the form of visual art on the two- dimensional surface. The ancient painting was sketched on the cave surface. The painting focuses on sketching something in color & form.

Drawing is a form of art that mainly focuses on line and shape. That is drawing is to sketch an object by outlining a figure, in drawing artists mainly focus on online & shading. Drawing focuses on creating lines and shapes using a pencil, a pen, or charcoal.

The sculpture is the artist’s expression sketched to the three-dimensional surface in a three-dimensional format. Such as formatting on store, metal, wood, or other hard surfaces.

Original Arts means, the first version of a painting that an artist creates. It is the first authentic art by an original Artist pcs. The original artwork never is a printed copy or reproduction or recreated by another artist’s hand. The term original art can apply to different forms of art such as painting, drawings, sculpture, etc. On the other hand, original artists are those who create new & unique artwork for the world.

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