Paul Kamm (1917 – 1979)

Kamm, Paul (1917 – 1979).Beacon. (1967)

Paul Kamm was born in 1917 in the small town of Kertel (today Kärdla), which is located on the island of Dago. Having received a minimum school education, he immediately moved into the workers. He worked in several textile factories in Estonia until he was called up for service in 1941. Kamm ended up in the Estonian Territorial Rifle Corps of the Red Army.
In March 1942, he received severe frostbite on his feet during exercises. Long-term treatment did not give results, and Paul Kamm remained an invalid who could not get out of bed.

After the war, he was brought home. Since only his fingers moved, he decided to develop the skill of the artist, drawing from memory the landscapes of his native land and pictures from the soldier’s life.

Having a talent for drawing, already in 1953 his paintings appeared at a local exhibition and received the main award. Seeing the talent of the artist, Olev Soans, a well-known Estonian graphic artist from the State Art Institute of the ESSR, personally took over his supervision.
In 1963, his paintings got to the Moscow exhibition, for which he was awarded a diploma. Thanks to this, he was able to join the Union of Artists of the Estonian SSR, and then the Communist Party.
Paul Kamm died in 1979 in his hometown. On its Tiigi street there is a monument to an original graphic illustrator.
And in the Rios Art Gallery launched an online sale of paintings by an Estonian artist.