Peet Aren (1889 – 1970)

Aren, Peet (1889–1970). The sketch of a cover P.Loti's(1929)

Pete Aren was born in Odista in 1889. At the age of 9 he studied at the state art school in St. Petersburg, where painting went. Already in 1920 he became a teacher at the State School of Artistic and Industrial Estonia.
Having a great talent in graphic art, in 1926 he was accepted as a teacher at the Pallas Art School. He is mainly known as a graphic artist. In particular, he designed the emblem for the Estonian Drama Theatre, as well as the design of the Cross of Liberty. Numerous covers for books and posters.
Fearing infection, he moved to Germany in 1944 after settling in New York, where he continued to create.

Pete Ahren died in New York in 1970, leaving behind a legacy of many graphic paintings and posters.
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