Priidu Aavik (1905 – 1991)

Priidu Aavik

Priidu Aavik was born the fifth child in a family of nine children, schoolteacher Eduard Aavik. At the age of 17 he moved to Tallinn, where he worked and worked at the Ants Laikma Studio School and studied. In 1934, Aavik entered the Higher Art School in Pallas (Tartu), where he studied with Nikolay Triig and Ado Vabbe until the end of 1938. Then he moved to Tallinn, where a clean studio took place.

In 1939 he arrived in Paris to continue his studies, but was forced to return when the war broke out. In the summer of 1941, Aavik was mobilized into the Red Army. Participated in battles in Leningrad, and later moved to Yaroslavl, where he was the founder of a team of Estonian artists of Yaroslavl and the Union of Soviet Artists of Estonia.After returning to Estonia, he worked in 1944-1946. acting director of the Tartu State Art Institute, in 1945-1947. Tallinn Art Foundation. In 1951-1953 he was the chief artist of the Estonian pavilion of the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition, and in 1954-1962 he was the chief artist of the National Economic Exhibition of the Estonian SSR.His work mainly includes historical, landscape and situational paintings (mainly on the theme of fishing life). Participated in creative navigation on a fishing trawler in 1942-1943. along the Norwegian Sea and 1944-1945. across the Atlantic Ocean and Nigeria. During the summer, Prangli enjoyed painting the life and scenery of beach fishermen. The release at the exhibition began with an exhibition of graduates of the Pallas Art School in Tartu in 1938.Pridu Aavik was married to the sister of the artist Salome Trey Helmi Trey.

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