Raoul Dufy (1877 – 1953)

Dufy, Raoul (1877 – 1953). Fragment of the Sity with a Mill

Byuchtger Robert Germanovich was born in St. Petersburg in a family of Courland Germans. He spent his childhood in Riga, where he studied at the Polytechnic Gymnasium. In 1879 he entered the Imperial Academy of Arts, and then continued his studies at the Dusseldorf Academy of Arts. After he entered the Munich Academy of Arts, where he studied with Schleich and Roubaud.
In 1887 he went to Paris, and then to Breslau, where he worked as a freelance artist. He loved figure skating and was even awarded many awards. Won the Bayern Championship.
He traveled a lot in Russia, studying the peoples of the empire. He visited the Caucasus, from where he brought many works. He took part in the exhibitions of Roubaud. After 1888 he lived in Munich, but did not lose contact with Russian artists. His works were exhibited at imperial academic exhibitions.
As an artist, he worked as a freelance landscape painter for a long time. He likes to draw animals, he often returned to Russian motifs. In 1920 he bought a house in Rottenbuch, where he painted many works with views of the lakes of Bavaria at sunset.
He died in his apartment in Munich. He was also buried in the cemetery at the Waldfriedhof. The online sale of the artist’s paintings is presented in the Rios Art Gallery.

He opened his first exhibition in 1906 at the Bertha Weill Gallery. At this time, a collection of drawings by Raoul Dufy “Violinists” was published. Through Fauvism, the artist gets acquainted with cubism, reveals the essence of objects with a brush. But due to the low sales of his paintings, Raul has to deal with woodcuts, draw illustrations for books and fibers of patterns for fabrics.
At this time, Raul returns to impressionism again, his work becomes simpler and brighter. Dufy received his Raul success in 1923, holding his second exhibition in Brussels – the Centaurus Gallery. In the future, the artist experiments with the separation of color and pattern, but works only in watercolor. The peak of his work was a monumental wall painting with a total area of 600 m2, which he painted for the Paris International Exhibition. From today, his paintings are sold online at the Rios Art Gallery.