Salvador Dalí (1904 – 1989)

Salvador Dali was born on May 11, 1904 in the family of a wealthy notary. From childhood, the future artist was intolerant and capricious. He often got into fights with classmates for no reason, suffered from a phobia of grasshoppers, constantly sobbed and threw tantrums. Due to the constant closeness from society, little Salvador gradually immersed himself until he went on vacation to Cadaqués, where he got acquainted with modern


In 1921, Dali entered the Academy of San Fernando. His first drawing was too small, causing the examiner to demand that it be redrawn. Salvador deliberately turned in his work right before the end of the deadline to annoy the caretaker and his father.

The very next year, he moved to a residence for gifted students. Gradually gets acquainted with the world of surrealism and Freudianism, forming as an artist. At the same moment, he begins experiments with the currents of cubism and Dadaism.
In 1926, he was expelled from the academy for being too arrogant. But Salvador does not despair and leaves for Paris, where he meets Picasso. Under his influence, he, along with his friend, participates in the filming of the surreal film “Andalusian Forest”. Then he meets his wife Elena Dyakonova.
Already in 1929, all of France admired his exhibitions. At the same moment, he breaks any relationship with his father because of his outrageous actions, because of which he later regrets until his death.
When General Franco comes to power, Dali moves away from surrealism, because he did not agree with the leftist views of his colleagues.
After Dali worked more in cinema, in particular, with the master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock and Walt Disney. He is fond of photography and filming in advertising.
Dali is known for such works as The Persistence of Memory, Premonition of Civil War, Giraffe on Fire, Metamorphoses of Narcissus. Each of them is saturated with Freudianism and surrealism, which is still considered the standard of direction.
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