Soans, Olev (1925 – 1995). Map of a History of the Literature of Estonia. (1975

Soans, Olev (1925 – 1995)

Olev Soans, a celebrated Estonian graphic artist, embarked on his artistic journey upon completing his studies in 1941 at the Pärnu Trade Lyceum. However, his path was briefly interrupted when he was mobilized into the German army two years later. In...

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Kamm, Paul (1917 – 1979).Beacon. (1967)

Paul Kamm (1917 – 1979)

Paul Kamm was born in 1917 in the quaint town of Kertel, now known as Kärdla, situated on the scenic island of Dago. With just a basic school education, he swiftly transitioned into the workforce, dedicating years to various textile factories across ...

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Dufy, Raoul (1877 – 1953). Fragment of the Sity with a Mill

Raoul Dufy (1877 – 1953)

Byuchtger Robert Germanovich, born in the cultural hub of St. Petersburg, hailed from a lineage of Courland Germans. Riga, with its charm and character, formed the backdrop of his formative years, where he absorbed knowledge at the Polytechnic Gymnas...

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