Väino Paris (1921 – 2001)

Paris, Väino (1921 – 2001). Summer Day (1975)

Väino Paris was born in the family of decorator and artist Peter Paris. He studied at the Nõmme school, and in 1936 he entered the State School of Industrial Art, where he studied lithography. Due to the war, he had to postpone his studies, to which he returned in 1945 and entered the State Institute of Applied Arts in Tallinn.
He worked as a designer for many exhibitions, works mainly in painting. Since the 60s, the format of his paintings has changed: more colors and temperament have appeared. He also worked as an illustrator and book designer. His first exhibition was held in 1946. Since then, he has participated in presentations by the Union of Artists, exhibitions at the Art Museum, and also held personal shows.
Online sale of paintings by the Estonian artist is open at the Ros Art Gallery.