Victor Vasarély (1908-1997)

Vasarély, Victor (1908-1997). Composition. (1960s).

Victor Vasarely was born in 1906. After graduating from school, in 1927 he entered the Poldini-Volkman Art Academy, and a year later at the Mukheli studio. At the same time, he studied at the Bauhaus with the artist and photo theorist L. Moholy-Nayady.
After graduation, he moved to Paris with his wife. He worked in advertising agencies as an artist until 1940. Since 1944 he began to work in the field of painting.

One of the most entertaining periods of his work is considered to be 1947 – “Belle-Ile”. Victor Vasarely begins to work with round and ellipsoid shapes. A year later he moved to Gordes, where he experimented with perspective and three-dimensional space.
In 1961 he moved to Anet-sur-Marne. In the late 60s he received the title of professor at the Higher School of Applied Arts.

During his life he received many awards, including the Gold Medal of the Society for the Promotion of the Arts, the prize of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan, and a museum fund was opened in his honor.
Online sale of paintings by the Estonian artist is open at the Rios Art Gallery.