Vladimir Bogatkin (1922 – 1971)

Bogatkin, Vladimir (1922 – 1971). Town in Germany. (1960s)

Vladimir Bogatkin was born in 1920. His mother was from a noble Mamin family and worked as an actress in the Vakhtangov Theater, where his father also worked. Interest in creativity in Vladimir woke up from childhood, and he took his first lessons from the Russian painter A. I. Kravchenko.
In 1940, the artist graduated from a secondary art school, which was under the patronage of the Leningrad Institute of Painting. Immediately after, Vladimir Bogatkin became an illustrator at the publishing house Voenizdat and Detgiz.
Working in the Studio of military artists. B. Grekova, V. Bogatkin regularly went to the front line to capture the heroism of Soviet soldiers.

He worked in different techniques: from graphics to oil. His drawings of battles and portraits of soldiers were documentaries and are still revered by many collectors of military art. For his bravery he was awarded the Medal for Military Merit.
After the war, together with his wife Lember Bogatkina, Vladimir traveled extensively throughout the Soviet Union, making sketches of the restoration of the state after the war. Gratuitous love for his homeland, nature, close people and architecture prevails in his works.
Vladimir Bogatsky died on the Leningrad-Tallinn train in 1971. Today his works are in the Tretyakov Gallery, the Russian Museum and the Central Museum of the Armed Forces. Online sale of paintings by the Estonian artist is available at the Riosart Gallery.