Voldemar Peil (1907 – 1999)

Peil, Voldemar (1907 - 1999). Landscape Koolimäe. (1960-70)

Waldemar Peil was born in 1907 in the family of a foundry worker and a crane operator. He studied at the elementary school of Narva, and then at the 3rd general education school. Like many Estonian artists, he graduated from the Pallas Art School as a drawing teacher. For the first time he held an author’s exhibition in the art association of Narva.
From 1932 he worked as a decorator in the local theater, and after that as the main theater designer in Vanemuine. Since 1964 he has worked at the Tallinn and Russian Drama Theatre.Designed more than 300 performances. 6 times he acted as a decorator of the Song Festival, as well as evenings of folk art. He was often invited to republican holiday rallies and concerts.
Since 1973, he was mainly engaged in painting and even held 3 author’s exhibitions. Online sale of paintings by the Estonian artist is presented in the Rios Art Gallery.