Stavenhagen Wilhelm Siegfried (1814 – 1881)

Stavenhagen Wilhelm Siegfried (1814 - 1881), Gustav Lange Fahn. (1867).

Wilhelm Stavenhagen is a German-Estonian sculptor and artist. Born in the family of a lawyer, and at the age of 20 he entered the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, but interrupted his studies due to illness.
Living in Germany, he entered the training of Eduard Schmidt von der Launitz, who wrote him a recommendation to the Munich Academy of Arts, where he studied until the age of 49.
Since 1850 Mrs. Wilhelm Stavenhagen began to work as a painter and sculptor in Mitava. At the same moment, he paints a series of paintings based on the provinces of the Baltic Sea. At the same time he was engaged in sculpture: busts of his father, Count Heinrich Wilhelm, Theodor Hahn and Governor Brevern.
He is primarily known for his portraits, steel engravings, and landscapes. The online sale of the artist’s paintings is presented in the Rios Art Gallery.