Wilhelm von Kügelgen (1802 – 1867)

Kügelgen, Wilhelm von (1802 – 1867).

Wilhelm von Kügelgen was born in 1802 in the family of the famous German portrait painter Gerhardt von Kügelgen. His uncle, Carl von Kugelgen, was also a landscape and history painter.
From 1818 he studied painting at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts, where his father taught. The main work of V. Kugelgen is painting with religious subjects.
After a short trip to Rome with his cousin Timothy Neff, he returned to his homeland, where he met his wife, Julia Krummacher.
In 1828, by personal order of Nicholas I, he painted an altar composition in the Church of St. Olaf, with the help of his cousin Timothy.

For a long time he lived in Ballenstedt, simultaneously participating in exhibitions of his alma mater. In 1933 he received the position of court painter in Anhalt-Bernburg, after which he settled in his own residence, where he lived until the end of his life.
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