Yuriy TerSar ( Sarkisov ) 1928-2012

Yuri TerSar (1928-2012) Yellow day on canvas (1988)

Yuriy TerSar(Sarkisov) is an Armenian artist born in 1928 in Baku, Azerbaijan,. He was a teenager when decided to become a professional artist. In 1950 he graduated from Azerbaijan State Art College .
He was admitted as a member of the Soviet Union Society of Artists in 1961. Even at college, Yuriy decided never to follow the Socialistic Realism, an official art style established by the Communist Party, and thus his art continued to develop without official recognition, only seen and enjoyed by artistic community all around the Soviet Union.

He had a very important one-man shows in Yerevan, capital of Armenia, in 1968 and 1973. With beginning of Perestroyka at the end of 80’s, his art came up on a surface: he was able to participate in different international shows as one of the representatives of Russian underground progressive artistic society; museums across Russia started acquiring his paintings and private collectors buying them.In 1991, Yuriy emigrated to the United States, Rhode Island. Yuriy’s art was noticed, and he had more shows: one-man show at Museum of Art, R.I., and a few other in Art Galleries across America.He continues to work and to move forward, and during last few years has created his own unforgettable images in his own unique graphical technique.”…Yuriy Sarkisov is a remarkably gifted master. Nature is always the content of his art. His paintings are light like the bright sun of the sea in a light blue mist. They covey the sense of wide-open space and freedom. Sarkisov, as a creator, can transform life into an eternal holiday, and thus bring us joy.” M.V. Alpatov, Doctor of Art, Academician.